What is iLab?

iLab is web-based application designed to support billing, reporting, invoicing and more for labs and shared resource facilities. iLab is a widely trusted resource, with over 1700 active cores worldwide. Looking to implement iLab for your core? Visit our Is iLab Right for Your Core page.

University of Wisconsin iLab Steering Committee

The iLab steering committee was formed in 2018 in response to the growing enthusiasm for a web-based solution to better manage core data across campus. The steering committee includes representatives from Biochemistry, The School of Medicine and Public Health, UW Carbone Cancer Center, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and Information Technology.


The intent of the iLab Steering Committee is to establish a cooperative model among UW-Madison users for the successful management of iLab as a shared resource. As more cores adopt iLab, clear communication and strong collaboration will be needed to ensure optimal utilization by a broad group of core managers. The goal of this partnership is to ensure iLab is managed in an equitable, sustainable manner that provides greatest benefit to UW-Madison users, and to provide a pathway for broader campus utilization and benefit.


To meet this goal, the committee oversaw the merging of the Biochemistry Optical Core’s and UW Carbone Cancer Center’s iLab implementations into a single, institutional, UW-Madison instance. Beyond the merge, single sign on was implemented and training materials created in order to facilitate a positive experience for both users and shared resource managers alike.

Looking forward, the committee will enhance the process by which additional cores are implemented, and guide the growth of iLab as a centralized shared resource management system.


Jon Audhya

Credentials: Chair and SMPH Representative

Dawn Church

Credentials: UWCCC Permanent Guest (Shared Resources)

Mike Collins

Credentials: UWCCC Representative (Informatics)

Peter Connor

Credentials: UWCCC representative (Administration)

Matt Edwards

Credentials: Information Support Specialist (Core Facility Software Management)

Leslie Lord

Credentials: Staff

Meredith Luschen

Credentials: UWCCC representative (Finance)

Jomol Mathew

Credentials: SMPH Representative

Dagna Sheerar

Credentials: OVCRGE Representative

Dan Stevens

Credentials: Biochemistry/CALS representative

Lisa Werning

Credentials: Department of Surgery Representative