A root spectral image

Microscopy performed at the UW-Madison Biochemistry Optical Core.

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Woman holding medical instrument

Department of Surgery

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Welcome to the UW iLab Resource Center!

The iLab core management application is a web-based solution designed to streamline core facility management. The iLab system’s functionality includes, but is not limited to, service requests, milestone management, equipment reservation management, usage tracking, billing, invoicing, and reporting. Interested in learning more about iLab? Visit our Why iLab page!

Feature Highlight

Our first iLab feature highlight is the iLab reporting tool!

Watch this video to learn how iLab can help you create a range of report types:

  • Charges: report on the individual financial charges generated by core facilities, e.g. quantify, price, type, timing, etc.
  • Requests: report on data related to service requests, e.g. projected/actual cost, average completion time, etc.
  • Events: report on data related to scheduled events, e.g. scheduled/actual time, scheduled/actual cost, etc.
  • Custom Forms: download data captured in Custom Forms‍.
  • Time Entries: report on Time Entry‍ data
  • Requisitioning: report on data related to requisitioning

Interested in learning more?

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